eLearning Trends for 2016 and the Airline Industry

eLearning trends for 2016

The classroom setting is quickly shifting to online learning, a new curriculum that incorporates the web system is slowly taking over the education system, and more students are opting for online courses. The fact that online curriculum is very flexible to both teachers and students make it a good tool that aids them at their convenient time. Also, online learning is relatively cheaper as compared to the school, classroom setting since the most required item is a smart device or a laptop connected to the web. E-learning courses have been given a rich, exciting content, for example, video tutorials and e-books pdf downloads. Learning management systems are rising in demand. In the year 2013, the LMS were worth $2.55 billion, and this figure rose to $4 billion in the year 2015. It is also estimated that in the year 2018 this figure will be at $7 billion.

The global e-learning market figures also show an increase in both demand and supply. In 2010, the global e-learning market stood at $32.1 billion and by the end of 2015, the revenue estimates are expected to be at a whopping $ 49.9 billion. This means that in the year 2016 there will be emerging an innovative trend that will shape up e-learning as we know it. So which eLearning trends will this be?

In the year 2016, there will be a lot of automation processes that will take over the e-learning experience. E-learning management system will use different tools that will have varied algorithms to optimize on the course work. This means that more money will be saved, and the different courses will offer the best preference to a single user. Knowledge and skill will be tested by the various automated tools giving back a specific level of skill about the user. Course work and tests will be set by the automated tools, and much more functions will be progressively automated.

Gamification will also be a trend to watch out for in the year 2016. It is expected that gaming dynamics will be incorporated into the learning curriculum. The user can interact more with the games but in reality, they will be mostly engaged in learning since the games will be education oriented. Experts agree that the ability of a user to grasp content from a gaming experience stands at 90%. This means better and fun education system for the user.

Another emerging trend is the m-learning. The use of mobile technology is taking over the world. Most people prefer the use of handheld devices and users in the year 2016 are most likely expected to choose mobile as a means of accessing their courses. Users will benefit from micro-location technologies such as GPS or QR codes in achieving contextual learning. The student will have access to a bulk of useful material regardless of their location.

Many public servers in the year 2016 will be made more secure. Most enterprises don’t usually trust that their information will be safe in public servers but in the forthcoming year, the use of cloud technology is expected to see a big growth. E-learning market trends and forecast report indicated that each year since 2013, the use of cloud-based tools in the e-learning sector is growing by 9%. This means that in 2016 there will be a rise in the growth of cloud technologies when it comes to the e-learning scene.

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